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  • Heshan

    I've been working with Niroshana for more than half a decade now. He has become more of a friend than a service provider. Niroshana is very reliable and is available whenever we need him on web related activities. Most importantly he has been a trustworthy web partner providing me the complete assurance in my web tasks.

    I look forward to work with him in the times to come. Wishing him a fantastic journey ahead.

  • Janaka Samarakoon

    I've been working with Niroshana for the last 7 odd years and have no plans to put an end to the fun. He's a highly qualified professional who can virtually do anything in relation with web engineering. "If [Google, Apple, FaceBook and the sort] did it, why not us" is my favourite catchphrase from him.

    The plus with his input is that he's not a simple technocrat—he is an astute designer/engineer/thinker with an unmistakable eye for Beauty (with a capital B).

    He's a holistic package. I highly recommend that you go for it!

    - Serendipity Studio, Nice (France)

  • Dr. Oswin Perera

    I wish to thank Niroshana most sincerely for designing and launching the website for the Sri Lanka Wildlife Health Centre (www.slwhc.lk). It was a pleasure to work with him while compiling the material for this website, and his professional expertise and advice on the technical details were greatly appreciated by our project team. We wish Niroshana all success in his future undertakings.

  • Rochel

    I met Niroshana while i was really looking to build a website for the company that I was working for. I am glad that withing a few days he managed to build a great website for my company and same with emails as well. He is a very creative individual and takes matters seriously and do the best. I would highly recommend Asani designs for anyone who is looking to build their websites

  • Eng. Anura Dissanayake

    What can I say about Niroshan. Simply he is a World Class professional in his field. He created a Web for us which we could not even dream of. Being an International Company even our Corporate Management in Australia was very pleased with his capabilities. Apart from being a Top Professional, Niroshan is a good human being on this Earth to associate with.

    We wish you Niroshan all the very best in your future endevours.


  • Sujeewa

    ඔහු මා සඳහා නිර්මාණය විය යුතු වෙබ් අඩවිය සඳහා මාගේ සිතුම් පැතුම්, රස-නීරස, අවශ්‍යතාව-අනවශ්‍යතාව නිසි ලෙස හඳුනාගත්තය. ඒ පිළිබඳ මාතුළ වූ අපහැදිළි සිහිනය ඔහු ඔහුගේ මනසින් නිසි ලෙස ග්‍රහණය කරගත්තා යැ'යි සිතේ. සැබෑවටම මාගේ අපේක්ශාවත් මට අවශ්‍ය වෙබ් අඩවියත් අතරපාලම සකස් කරදුන් ඔබේ දැනුම සහ හැකියාව මා විශ්මයට පත් කළේය. මට අවශ්‍ය වෙබ් අඩවිය ආකර්ෂණීයව, අලංකාරව සහ නවීන තාක්ෂණයෙන් යුතුව මේ වෙබ් අඩවි මැවුකරුවා අතින් සිදු කර ගැනීමට මා වාසනාවන්ත වුණි.

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